Setting Capstone Goals

As spring semester winds down and our situated research projects are wrapped up, it is time to give some thought towards next year’s capstone. To solidly prepare, we are setting three weekly goals to achieve by the end of the semester. Although my concentration is still relatively fresh as of last semester, I’m still uncertain of an overarching theme or question that connects waterfall geology, tourism, and cultural value. To address this, I’m setting a goal to research waterfall areas like the Columbia River Gorge, Yosemite, and Mt. Fuji, Japan in a broader sense to see if any major themes connect people’s relationship to waterfalls in these places. Next week, I will write a post with an annotated bibliography of five credible sources that outline the diverse role of waterfalls in these areas. I also plan on formulating some potential questions based off this further research.

Throughout the concentration process and after being in several concentration classes this semester, I’ve gathered that there aren’t too many scholarly articles on waterfall tourism or the role of waterfalls in religion. It will helps to amass as many scholarly waterfall sources as I can in order to form a solid platform for the questions I may ask. Doing further research in this area will also help guide me in a certain direction based on what resources are available. I’m thinking of going in a more natural science oriented direction but that is just based on the rich hydrology literature¬†I read last semester. I’m interested in what this further research may reveal.


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