Topics: The Selection Process

Over the course of our first full week in ENVS 220, we began the concentration process by selecting two to three topics of interest from the ENVS glossary. This glossary includes over 70 topics that range from freshwater to political ecology. Each of these topics also come with several sources to get one geared up for research that will go into writing a summary of the topic. These topic summaries will eventually be woven together into a concentration of interest.

Coming into ENVS 220, I was already fairly set on what I wanted to focus on for my concentration: freshwater and waterfalls. However, upon looking at the topics list my ideas were expanded. I’m now interested in blending the topics of freshwater and geomorphology with recreation, particularly ecotourism. As an ecotourist myself, I’ve become aware of the various implications ecotourism has for the surrounding ecosystems and waterfalls can be a central part of what attracts people to a place. Although it wasn’t too much of a challenge for me to select only two to three topics, as we approach writing topic summaries I foresee that it will be difficult to condense so much information into a concise summary. It will be interesting to see how these topics play out as I research them in greater depth.

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