Ecotourism and Local Communities

As a lover of the outdoors, I’ve spent a lot of time being an “ecotourist.” Unique natural features, whether they be mountains, waterfalls or canyons, are what generally spike my interest in a certain place. Natural appeal could be a major draw for otherwise low-income communities and influxes of ecotourists can have a variety of effects on the local community. To find sources on ecotourism, I searched “ecotourism” on Google Scholar to find thousands of sources. I made sure to pay attention to how many people have cited each source in my search for articles. Ecotourism falls under the general topic of “recreation” listed in the google survey we took to narrow down our possible concentration topics. However, “recreation” itself was far too broad of a search so I guided my investigation towards ecotourism. It was fairly easy to add sources about ecotourism and how it effects communities. The majority of the sources I found were PDFs that I simply dragged into Zotero.

[zotpress collection=”9VPKP7FH” sortby = “author” order=”desc” style=”chicago-author-date” abstracts=”yes”]



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